LIVE REVIEW: Dennis Lloyd peforms at London’s Omeara ahead of his ‘Exident’ EP release

Dennis Lloyd’s fresh, genre-merging approach to his music keeps his sound exciting. Leaving us, as listeners, pretty hooked to everything that the multi-talented artist creates. So when the news reached us that there was brand new music on the way, in the form of his Exident EP—we were very excited! Especially when a special live gig at London’s Omeara was announced to take place days before it dropped.

As the Shard overlooked the quiet, evening streets of London Bridge last Tuesday (April 2nd), there was a hidden musical gem tucked away inside the walls of Omeara. It was only when we stepped inside the venue, that the rich atmosphere became visible. The place was buzzing. Full to the brim with lively fans, packing themselves tightly into the music space—ready to enjoy a special set, from a clearly well-loved musician. The night served as a massive treat from the very start. After all, it’s not everyday that the UK gets to enjoy Dennis Lloyd in person, due to the huge 2,212 miles in distance between us and his home country of Tel Aviv, Israel.

As the lights went out and sent the room into darkness, a roar of screams boomed loudly through the crowd. Bursting on to the stage, Dennis’s arrival fired a frenzy amongst his fans. The sold-out venue instantly becoming putty in the musicians hands. “Make some motherfu**king noise”, he demands, before welcoming us into his set with ‘Act Ⅲ’. The venue fully enlivened by his presence, sparking chants of “Dennis.. Dennis” to fill the air.

“It’s so good to be here”, he says. Softening hearts when he dedicated his next track to his two dogs. “The hardest part of touring for me is to leave my dogs, so every tour, I dedicate this song to them”, he shares, before performing ‘Leftovers’. As soon as Dennis began to sing, his vocals were instantly met with the voice of the crowd. At times, their singalong blaring louder than his. Even despite him having the extra volume of the microphone and speakers.

Sound bursts of saxophone solos flowed between tracks, delivered by Dennis’s long-term band member and friend. Dennis joking that those elements of the show only became a thing because he used to take so long to tune his guitar. It was the well-known and most recent single ‘Never Go Back’ up next, followed by his breakthrough hit ‘Nevermind’. Through which Dennis picked up a trumpet for a mini brass solo of his own. Going on to merge the sound with his sax players, stirring up more of the pairs great on-stage energy.

Dennis looked out to his crowd and a smile formed brightly on his face. “Oh my God” he said, looking impressed by the cluster of Londoner’s that had gathered for him. “Did you have fun, London?” he asks, ditching his leather jacket and opting for a tattooed-bare-chest look instead. Sending the energy rising with his performance of the brilliant ‘Snow White’. Every person there competely losing themselves in the live sound and presence of the musician. For the encore, we were treated to a cover of the Britney Spears hit ‘Baby One More Time’, sending a dose of pink lighting to tint the room. Everyone loving every minute of the fun performance, even the guys, although they would probably deny it now.

Wrapping up his set, Dennis thanked his fans before parting from the Omeara stage to cheers. The set may have been short, but the spirits were high. Dennis Lloyd is on his way to big things. First stop being his Never Go Back tour that awaited him the very next day.

Listen to Dennis Lloyds new Exident EP – here

Words and photos by Demi Leigh


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