Justin Jesso teams up with Nina Nesbitt for new single ‘Let It Be Me’


Chicago-born musician, Justin Jesso, has teamed up with Scottish-songstress, Nina Nesbit, to collaborate on their lovely new single ‘Let It Be Me’. Through their sweetly flowing vocals, the musical pair welcome us into a bubbling love story that’s full of heart-melting qualities. We listen to Justin and Nina vow to be exactly what the other one needs, supporting one another during the tough times and enhancing the happy ones. How bloody nice is that!

The heart-warming new track is also partnered alongside a touching story-based video, that will most definitely have a good ole tug on your heartstrings. From catching you when you fall, to helping you fly—Justin Jesso and Nina Nesbitt form the perfect partnership. Press play on the love song below:

‘Let It Be Me’ originally featured as the opening track of Justin’s debut EP release of the same name, out earlier this year. The EP also features his tracks ‘Getting Closer’ and ‘My Body’.

Justin made his mark in the industry when he co-wrote and voiced Kygo’s huge hit ‘Stargazing’, which led to Jesso joining the producer on his sold-out world arena tour. Now he has a firm focus on his own solo career, and from what we’ve heard from him already, his future is certainly looking bright!

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