Easy Life drop new single and video for ‘Earth’


Back with another single to transport us further into their music crafted zone, Leicester-raised band, Easy Life, have dropped yet another track that is an instant hit with our ears. Continuing their regular space running theme, new release ‘Earth’ sees the boys turn their talents to the topic of our home planet. Creatively putting their artistic spin on the subject that touches on plastic-filled oceans and toxic fumes, the musicians then claim that they are just on a flying visit to our world and are in fact from another space rock entirely. “I left my spaceship in a permit only zone”, we hear lead singer Murray sing.

‘Earth’ follows the five-pieces recent tracks ‘Houseplants’ and ‘Spaghetti Hoops’, as well as their ‘Spaceships’ mixtape which dropped earlier this year.

The essence of Easy Life’s sound is a perfectly blended recipe that is exclusively theirs. As their music continues to roll with their trademark imaginative elements, laid-back vibes and lyrics that allow you to lose yourself in their creatively written train of thought—Easy Life, are most definitely blazing their own trail right now. All the way to ‘Earth’ and beyond.

For more on Easy Life, as well as tickets to their upcoming tour later this year visit: www.easylifemusic.com

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