Ed Sheeran’s lookalike puppet bags the leading role in new video for ‘Happier’

Ed Sheeran’s lookalike puppet pal, first hit our screens with his debut feature in the musicians video for ‘Sing’ back in 2014, and now the flame-haired fellow is back! This time with the leading role in Sheeran’s new video for ‘Happier’, taken from his multi platinum third album ‘÷’.

Opening on New York’s 29th and Park Avenue, puppet Sheeran spots his ex girl, who is on a date with another guy. She’s laughing and joking and clearly having a good ole time, which sparks the sorry scenes for the rest of the video—get ready to witness some major puppet heartbreak. Cue sad faces, reminiscing sessions, fantasies about beating up the new dude she’s dating and then watch him drown his sorrows with a bottle of whisky in a bar. Ah man. But while the visuals do naturally pull on your heartstrings, we can’t help but feel tickled by the story-line too, after all… It’s A Puppet!




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