Sinead Harnett shares new single ‘Body’

We’re sure many people can relate to Sinead Harnett right now. You know, that dilemma when someone is wrong for you and you know it, but you just can’t fully let go. Yes, well Harnett knows all too well about that and she even has a brand new song dedicated to the matter. Through mellow R&B tones, new single ‘Body’ conveys the singers predicament, “I tried to wean you off/I tried to leave” she delicately sings. Choosing not to say goodbye though, Harnett gives in and decides to still keep some form of attachment to her lover, but shhh, it’s on the down low: “I’ll give you my body/Just don’t tell nobody”,  she adds.

The new single has been produced by GRADES, who has worked with Sinead previously on tracks such as 2016’s ‘If You Let Me’ and again in 2017 with ‘Still Miss You’ and ‘Ally’ which both featured on her Chapter One mixtape.




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