New Machine drops new single ‘Chance’ ft. Hamzaa

Break-up songs don’t always have to leave us drowning in nostalgia and tears, sometimes it’s nice to infuse them with a little attitude and punchy lyrics to remind us that we’re handling this sh*t. Capturing that vibe perfectly, Adam Jordan, better known as producer New Machine, has dropped ‘Chance’, his first single of 2018. And just a little heads-up: you are going to love it!

The track, which features the vocals of 18-year-old Hamzaa, is a super catchy and fun-filled farewell to an ex love and has been delivered alongside a set of eye-catching visuals to perfectly match. The video presents a colourful, simplistic display of playing the games of chance, with oversized playing cards, dominoes and one armed bandits all making an appearance. Providing a brilliant light-hearted display of fun and games, which will be sure to brighten up even the dullest of days.

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