Plan B continues his Sci-Fi reality series with ‘Wait So Long’ music video

Plan B continues to develop his latest album, Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose, into a series of Sci-Fi inspired visuals, as he drops a music video for his new single ‘Wait So Long’. The fresh release follows his previous track ‘Guess Again’, where we were given our first glimpse into the technology-based reality he has created with the new record. With this latest instalment though, we’re welcomed further into his visionary world, as we enter the ‘Neoverse’ — a virtual reality that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. It even has its very own Plan B 2.0. in there, digitally reborn to entertain the masses. Impressive, huh?

The visuals are full of creative elements, each playing a illustrative part in opening up the new future that Plan B has designed. Once again blowing us away with his tendency to think outside the box, as he brings the storytelling aspects of his work to life. He’s a talent for sure!




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