Ed Sheeran makes his return with two brand new tracks

Today (6th January) Ed Sheeran made his anticipated return back into our lives, with the delivery of not one, but two, brand new tracks *insert screams of excitement here*. Both tunes are fairly different from the other, the first being ‘Castles on the Hill’, which has a folk-rock tang to it, with the flow and lyrics that are easily recognisable as a Sheeran-creation. The song gives us a glimpse into his younger days growing up in his much-loved hometown of Suffolk, which still clearly holds a special place in his heart.

The second track, ‘Shape Of You’, is super catchy and brings a smoothness that will no doubt get the dance moves flowing amongst listeners. According to Ed, the song was originally written with Rihanna in mind, but then he decided to keep it for himself instead. Good decision if you ask us, as it will no doubt be a favourite with the crowds during live shows. Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long until we find out, eh!

Both tunes are our first taster of Ed’s upcoming third studio album, which as of yet, doesn’t have a release date. Although, it seems he is all for surprising us this year, so hopefully it will be sooner than we think.

Following the 5am release of both singles, Ed went on to co-host Radio 2’s Breakfast Show with Scott Mills from 7am. Where he also played —on his brand new guitar—a special acoustic performance of ‘Castles on the Hill’. Plus he spoke about some of the stuff he has been getting up to during his year off. If you haven’t heard it already, then listen here.



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