On April 30th Camden was popping when Devlin shut down KOKO, with the support of three of the UK’s hottest emerging acts.

Devlin Live at KOKO

Bringing the night to a raving start, Norwich hailing MC, Context, took to the stage, alongside DJ TIm Zee, and the much-talented producer/hype man New Machine A.K.A. Adam Jordan. Bringing the bars, Context well and truly delivered, as he performed a small collection of tracks including his most recent ‘1.4 at 12‘, before departing from the limelight − What?! We wanted more man, we wanted more!

With a quick break before the next act was due, we used the opportunity to refill our liquor craving glasses, and returned to an impressive one man show. McKnasty took centre stage and delivered a performance smothered in talent and first-class skill. The drumming DJ fired through his set, banging out the beats, and sampled tracks from the likes of Drake and LMFAO. If you haven’t already, then you need to check this guy out − The McKnasty Experience’ is definitely a destination we will be revisiting!

B-B-Boring bitches back away, it was time for Etta Bond to hit the stage, alongside her partner in crime Raf Riley. Pacing with an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ swag − a bottle of beer in one hand, and a mic in the other − Etta delivered a mixture of vocals over Raf Riley’s crazed production. Balling with an admired confidence, Etta bond is a promising star in the making −  She knows who she is, and is original with it. If her tracks haven’t yet blasted through your speakers, then my dear where have you been? It’s only a matter of time before her vocals are gracing the world over – Big up!

“I remember when I was twelve years old, no worries in my brain with a pound in my pocket, and a chest full of smoke”.

Devlin entered the sight of the anticipating crowd, triggering off a wave of cheers − the energy soared in seconds. Beginning with ‘1989‘, Devlin fired through his set in full force − projecting the passion he feels for his art through his delivery of bars. Blending a selected collection of both old and new tracks, from his debut album ‘Bud, Sweat and Beers‘ to his most recent release ‘A Moving Picture‘, which both contained the crowd pleasing sing-a-longs ‘Runaway‘ and ‘Rewind‘.

Along the way Devlin was joined up on stage by a gathering of guests, Chasing Grace, Olivia Leisk, Krept and Konan, Rawz Artilla and Etta Bond with ‘Love Cards‘.

Now for the performance that was about to steal the show…

Slipping away − so quick you barely had a chance to notice, let alone see which direction he shot off in − Devlin disappeared before the crowd, leaving behind an empty stage and the opening few seconds of his Wretch 32 collaboration ‘Off With Their Heads‘.

I’m on some off with your head shit, I keep firing, I’m not the apprentice” came belting from the speakers – Wretch 32 was in the building, but where exactly, was yet to be discovered. Heads began swivelling, and eyes scanned the room for a source to the rapper’s vocals. Then one by one the crowds sight locked in position, above the crowd hanging from the second floor balcony there he was, Mr. 32, shooting his verse across to the opposite side of the room. Where (yes, you’ve guessed it) Devlin was positioned, both back-to-back battling it out with their verses. It was definitely a winning surprise element, and set the tone for the night’s roaring finish.

Encore time, Devlin returned and wrapped up the night with the great ‘Watchtower‘, and welcomed each of his guests back onto the stage, all sharing a hug or two, and feeling the love. Before one last surprise, spraying the crowd with a bottle of Jack Daniels − Oi Dev, pack it in!


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