Kayo Ken – #RealestShitIEverWrote x Vol. 1 x Ambitions Of A Writer

Kayo Ken

Pure real, and outspoken art – Kayo ken has created something seriously special with this masterpiece of a mixtape. With influences from Mr. Tupac Shakur bursting through the titles, with his very own tracks ‘Realest Shit I Ever Wrote‘ and ‘Ambitionz Az A Ridah‘ (Yes, we see what you did their Ken!).

‘Ambitions of a Writer‘ is the first instalment from Kayo Ken’s #RealestShitIEverWrote series, and displays a strong collection of both old and new tracks, which all run with the steady theme of ‘keeping things real’. What better way to get sh*t off your chest, than to home it on a track, aye?

The mixtape also features fellow Kings Of The City member, Danny Wilder, and wise words throughout from spoken word poet Suli Breaks,  who specifically contributes to the finely sculpting of Kayo Ken’s vision. Leaving us with a finished product that showcases UK talent at its finest − Total respect!

To listen and download ‘#RealestShitIEverWrote x Vol.1 x Ambitions of a Writer’ CLICK HERE


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