Converse Represent brings to you ‘Plan B’ live from the 100 Club – Review

It was the 30th July at the 100 club, Oxford street. The first show in a line up of nine Converse Represent Gigs. The night began with some of the music scenes fresh up-and-coming talent. First to take to the stage was UK Singer Jacob Banks, welcoming the incoming crowd with his charming vocals. Singing tracks such as ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ all about his own experiences in “Entering the real world”. He was closely followed by Malaysian singer/songwriter ‘Yuna’ mellowing the room with her delicate sound and last but certainly not least, it was time for newcomer L.Marshall. Taking to the stage and performing  hits such as he’s recent single ‘The wait’. All three acts kicked the Night off to a great start, however, the time was approaching for Plan B’s performance and the anticipation from the restless crowd was roaring.  


The heat began rising, as well as the excitement in Oxford Streets 100 Club. The man of the night Plan B (Ben Drew) was about to take his place upon the stage, in the very up close and personal venue. However, anyone who’s been to a Plan B gig before would know Plan B don’t sing until a certain beat boxer breaks in the crowd first, and that’s just what we got. The extremely talented Faith SFX took to the stage for a short performance, warming up the crowd and wowing all with his amazing vocal skills. Then the time had finally came, Plan B entered the room, bringing with him a rush of excitement that swept across the eagerly awaiting crowd. Ben kicked off his performance with a number of Strickland Banks hits, from ‘Writings on the wall‘ to ‘The Recluse‘.

The crowd was alive and loving every single second of which was blooming into an unforgettably, amazing night. Strickland Banks came to an end but Plan B wasn’t leaving any time soon, it was time to enter ‘ill Manors‘, his freshly turned number 1 masterpiece. Bringing down the compact club and upping the energy with several deep lyrical hip hop tracks, ‘Lost my way‘, ‘Deepest Shame‘ and of course ‘ill Manors‘ which definitely knows how to get the crowd going.

Karaoke time anyone? Faith SFX returned to the stage to accompany Mr. Drew with the covering of ‘Stand by Me‘, ‘Kiss from a Rose’, ‘Forget about Dre‘ and his very own 2010 Number 1 single ‘She said‘. A B-Team Mix up with a dub step, beat boxing twist, followed by Faith’s solo of ‘Ain’t no sunshine‘. Plan B then returned to the mic performing ‘Pieces’ a Chase & Status collaboration, in hope of sparking off a mosh pit – he successfully succeeded. The set was about to come to an end and to wrap up the night there was one final performance, a rewind back to Strickland Banks for ‘Stay to Long‘.

It was a truly brilliant night and the intimate venue added to the impact. Ben and his amazing band  definitely know how to deliver a first class performance. The energy they have amongst themselves bounce off each other – quite literally. With the end resulting in guitarist/hype man Adam Jordan crashing into the Drum Kit…

Now that’s what I call a Show!

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