Check out ‘KINGS OF THE CITY’. A Unique London-based Band. Standing apart from the rest, with their blend of blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hip hop and Grime. A collection of 7 strong members that all contribute to creating their unique sound, Ali Bla Bla (Rapper/Producer), KoKen  (Rapper), Danny Wilder (Lead Singer/Guitarist/Rapper), Rich Pun (Guitarist), Memari Man (Bass), 8 Bit (Synths/Co-producer) and Royal (Drums).


Kings of The City are regularly recording New material, with their latest EP ‘No Guts’ The first of a Double EP ‘No Guts, No Glory’ Available for Free Download HERE

If you haven’t checked these guys out already, then it’s time you do. Kings of the City are definitely ones to watch.

Watch this space…

 Follow on Twitter @KINGSOFTHECITY

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