Listen to ‘In Between Minds’ — the new EP from Rhys Lewis


Rhys Lewis shines a light on the captivating ability of his talents, as he shares his beautifully crafted In Between Minds EP. The 5-track collection of songs draw us into a place of emotion, heartache and hopefulness from the singer-songwriter, as we hear him share his thoughts and feelings on the things he holds close to his heart.

Rhys’ single ‘Hold On To Happiness’ welcomes us into the EP. Filling our ears with his soulful vocals, delivered across the sweet-sounding strums of a guitar. We listen to the artist reminisce on brighter times, that he was unaware he was losing until they were gone. Singing lyrics “It’s cruel how the time can pass/the deepest rivers move so fast”, as the track plays out an important reminder to appreciate what we have while it is here.

The musician seems to have a special way of finding a flip side to any darkness he finds himself in—which serves as a common trait in his music—as he goes through the process of relaying his thoughts through his songs. Even when sinking into tough times, he appears to find a light amongst it all. “Times get tough but I don’t give up/because I know I’m not alone”, Rhys shares on ‘Better Than Today’. A track that transforms into an optimistic level up, in a bid to help fight through the dark clouds that loom over the times we live in. Laying down the encouragement to remain focused through our doubts, we listen to Rhys share a message of positivity through his words.

The echoes of heartbreak and nostalgia run loudly through ‘End Like This’, as we listen to Rhys remember a past life with someone special, sharing the pain he felt as the pair fell short of forever. Continuing the theme of hurt, Rhys describes the empty space that can settle between a couple on ‘Lonely As Love’. Before bringing the EP to a radiant close, with the lovely, ‘Things You Can’t Change’, all about loving someone exactly how they are and appreciating the beauty in how they are uniquely put together. A track that will no doubt have hearts all over the nation melting into its lyrics.

In Between Minds serves as only the second EP release from the 27-year-old, with the brilliant body of tracks ensuring that Rhys Lewis is certainly making his mark as an artist. Leaving us excited to hear what’s next from the musician! First though, Rhys is about to head out on his biggest European tour to date, kicking off on May 1st with a sold-out show at London’s Omeara. For more info and tickets to some of his live performances, head over to:

Listen to In Between Minds below:

“‘In Between Minds’ is an important collection of songs to me. Each track on the EP has helped me distill and better understand some of the heavier emotions and anxieties that had been sitting at the back of my mind for the best part of a year. Self-reflection, which currently seems to be at the heart of my writing process, can sometimes cause more harm than good; you can end up pulling your thoughts in too many different directions and tie your mind in knots. So writing songs has become a way for me to draw a line in the sand and be at peace with things whenever things get confused in my own head.” – Rhys Lewis

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