Watch Grace Carter’s live version of track ‘Heal Me’

They say that it is the hard times in life that shape us into who we are, and proving that statement true, is singer-songwriter, Grace Carter. We’ve come to know her for using her own life experiences as inspiration for her music. Opening up about her relationship with her absent Father and growing up in a single-parent family, has been a major source of fuel for her talents.

Giving us insight into her world even further, is her latest release ‘Heal Me’. With honesty ringing loudly through the tune, Grace lays her feelings wide open, singing lyrics such as: “We got similar faces/But I don’t feel nothing like you”.

Enhancing the emotion and adding even more rawness to the release, Grace has now dropped a live rendition of the track. Performed alongside a full band, the stripped-back new version of ‘Heal Me’ adds even more impact to her words. She certainly isn’t biting her tongue with this one.

Hear what she has to say below:

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