LIVE REVIEW: Tom Grennan plays acoustic set for Amazon Fashion pop-up gig

For 5 days last week, Amazon Fashion opened a pop-up shop on London’s Baker Street, that by night was transformed into a little hub of entertainment. With Friday (26th October) hosting a very special live acoustic set from the incredibly talented Tom Grennan.

The compact venue was well dressed; clothes dotted fashionably around the walls, which the attendees browsed at as they gathered inside. Drinks and conversations were flowing, while a definite relaxed vibe circulated around the place. As the room began to fill, it was obvious that this performance would be near on as up-close-and-personal as it gets for a gig. Especially when seeing someone like Tom Grennan, whose been selling out big venues across the country this Autumn while on his UK tour. 

Causally walking in and stepping up onto the stage, Tom took to the mic and welcomed his crowd. Announcing that his first choice of song may get a bit emotional, he opened the set with ‘Sweet Hallelujah’, sweeping the room with his stunning vocals and instantly drawing us into his zone. Oh and FYI, Tom Grennan’s zone is a bloody great place to be! There’s just something extra special that happens to tracks when you hear them performed live. The raw emotion and feeling behind them oozes out and hits you exactly where you feel it most. Especially in an intimate set-up like this. The rest of the room feels as though it just melts away around you. 

Bringing with it a great buzz and upping the energy through the crowd, was the brilliant ‘Royal Highness’. With its fun spirit and catchy lyrics sparking singalongs and serving as the perfect ingredient to get the night truly going. ‘Praying’ followed, as well as ‘Make ’em Like You’, before Tom went on to belt out his debut album title track ‘Lighting Matches’. A song laced beautifully with so many uplifting elements, that you can’t help but feel a real connection to. Moving on, with a bottle of beer now in hand, Tom asked fans to sing along with him for ‘Barbed Wire’, before playing out ‘Secret Lover’ and ‘Sober’

Throughout the set, you couldn’t help but admire just how great a musician Tom Grennan really is. From his first-class collection of songs, to his remarkable vocals and overall presence as an individual. He’s a very cool guy, that’s for sure. His lyrics were echoed back to him from the crowd, as he sung ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’, a clear fan favourite from the night. However it was a song with a definite special touch to it, that Tom declared was his own personal favourite, as he went on to sing the stunning ‘Little By Little Love’.

Briefly stepping away from his own music, Tom went on to perform a fantastic cover of Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’. Effortlessly belting out the iconic lyrics, delivered in true Grennan style. Announcing Amy as his favourite lady in the world.

“Let’s get pissed after!”, Tom calls, before wrapping up his set with just himself and a guitar, for the very special ‘Something in the Water’. Although he ended up ditching the guitar halfway through and opted for an acapella version instead, carried by the crowd clapping a beat for him to sing over. Another little touch that made the pop-up gig into a memorable night for all.

Tom Grennan, you certainly are a legend!



Words by Demi Leigh






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