Plan B unveils the visuals for new single ‘In The Name Of Man’

Our favourite storytelling musician Ben Drew, better known as Plan B, is officially back after pressing a lengthy 5 year pause on his multifaceted career. He made his surprise comeback last month with the release of his single ‘In The Name Of Man’, which serves as the newest material we’ve heard from the East End hit-maker since the release of his incredible Ill Manors album back in 2012.

The new track, taken from his forthcoming forth studio album, has today been accompanied by a set of visuals that powerfully enhance the meaning behind his lyrics. The thought-provoking video sees a collaboration between Plan B and Flabbergast Theatre, who use puppets to form a visual story of mass upheaval, conflict and man-made disaster.

As we already know, Plan B doesn’t hold back when it comes to using his craft to express his opinion and shine a light on topics that he feels should be gaining more attention.  He uses his voice and his platform like no other, and that’s part of the reason why he is so refreshing as an artist.

Bring on the new album. It’s so good to have you back, Ben!


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