LIVE REVIEW: Ed Sheeran @ Wembley Stadium

On Saturday (11th July, 2015), we were lucky enough to witness the mega talented one-man band Ed Sheeran take to the stage at Wembley Stadium, for day two, of three, completely sold out shows. A night that turned into one of the best and most memorable musical experiences ever.

The crowds arrived in their thousands, creating an atmosphere so rich in excitement that it lined the venues surrounding streets. Until massively rising once inside the stadium walls where the days music kicked off with support from Example and Rudimental. Who quite possibly form the best selection of artists to truly get a crowd going. Example brought with him the biggest smile ever, as he thanked Ed for the opportunity. While Rudimental bounced around the stage, powered by their trademark high-pace energy, performing the tracks that our ears love oh so much.

Introduced by a series of video clips that gave us a glimpse into his inspiring journey; from little Ed cutely singing The Jungle Book’s ‘Bear Necessities’ to his current music legend status. A cheering crowd of close to 90,000 people welcomed Ed Sheeran to his stage. Opening with ‘I’m A Mess’, ‘Lego House’ and ‘Drunk’, Ed instantly created a connection with his audience, building a bond that lasted throughout his epic two hour set. For anyone who doubted how one man, with no band, could capture and entertain a crowd of this size, then. eat. your. words. Because he not only smashed his performance single handedly, he made history. And that fact was apparent right from the very start.

Firing up the tempo and reminding us that he is indeed a singer with an effortless flow, Ed unlocked the rappers in us with his performance of ‘Take It Back’, which he extended into a mashup of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ and Bill Wither’s classic ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’.

Each track performed merged into one giant sing-along, proving just how impressive Ed Sheeran’s back catalogue of hits really are. As his distinguishing vocals travelled the stadium, ‘Tenerife Sea’ brought with it the same kind of beauty that’s entwined in its lyrics, as the venue calmed and turned into a sea of sparkles from the thousands of phone lights that softly swayed to the music. Creating a sight so amazing to see that no photos, videos, or words, could really come close to the magic of actually being there.

Playing to a venue of this mind-blowing capacity just doesn’t alter who Ed Sheeran is at all, he still remains the same down-to-earth, incredible singer-songwriter whose music we chose to lose ourselves in time and time again. Whether that’s in the comfort of our own homes, or live in venues as great as Wembley Stadium. For the encore he took us back to his debut album for the brilliant ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’, where he sent energy levels through the roof as he passionately powered his way through the track. Before wrapping the night up with ‘Sing’, which he hyped up the crowd to continue belting out way after he left the stage.

One man, his guitar, a loop pedal and the backing vocals of nearly 90,000 fans. In just two hours Ed Sheeran proved exactly why he is one of the world’s all time greatest artists. What a dude.

Written by Demi Leigh McGrane.



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