Raleigh Ritchie Releases ‘The Greatest’


Raleigh Ritchie is without a doubt one of our most favourite artists gracing the music scene right now. His huge talents pulsate through his unique sound and diverse style. Which sees him rotate from deep heart-punching listens, straight to a proper party anthem play. Having already released three (brilliant) EP’s, this September we are finally set to welcome the delivery of a debut album. Our excitement is serious right now.

 With a huge year ahead of him; currently supporting George Ezra on tour, as well as setting out on his solo Toor this April. Raleigh Ritchie has only gone and dropped his first official single too. Now if you attended Raleigh’s A Toor last November, then this release will definitely serve as a familiar sound. Bringing some major crowd hyping and party starting vibes, new track ‘The Greatest’ is jam packed with brilliance. Capturing the mindset of being young and free, this is definitely one to put a smile on your face. It also makes us want to go out, let our hair down and live. Like we’re the greatest — obvs.

 Have a listen below:

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