Introducing… emaé

Introducing Scottish-born Folk/Soul singer-songwriter emaé and her captivating new single ‘Something Beautiful’.
Delicately playing her way into our playlists, emaé’s pure sound and soft vibes perfectly accompany her soothing new single ‘Something Beautiful’. The acoustic guitar led track, written and composed by herself, delivers a soul-laced folk sounding love song that truly captivates and draws you into to her calming zone. In the words of emaé, “Something Beautiful is what I imagine love to be like, and what I’ve seen so far. The truth is that there probably is nothing overtly special about a person’s hair or eyes, but the decision to love overrides reality and makes the ordinary beautiful”.

For emaé, her new record represents just how much more beautiful it is to choose to love an imperfect person than to clamour for perfection which only sticks around until infatuation wears off.

‘Something Beautiful’ is the first of two singles to expect from Emaé in the coming months, in the lead up to her debut EP next year.

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