Lily Allen, redefining the comeback #Sheenius

Over the past two years we’ve been subject to numerous attempts at musical comebacks by some seriously desperate, talentless “pop stars”. For the most part it has been recycled hits and record label bosses cashing in on nostalgia, on the whole it’s been an embarrassing time for music.

In the midst of this cringe-worthy comeback season thee lyrical Sheenius burst back onto the scene, taking pop culture by the tits and serving it to us raw. Say what you like about Lily but she has the ability to make us question the very existence of this insane, internet obsessed generation we are part of. Music critics and journalists were quick to shoot her down, yet she is simply taking recent social issues and high-profile celebrities of today and giving them a lyrical bashing, albeit with a hint of irony.

Dubbing her latest offering the unofficial World Cup Song, she tweeted (then deleted) “My unofficial #worldcup song BASS LIKE HOME“. This feel good, club banger boasts some garage vibes and is complemented with a catchy hook sure to get you on your feet. The song was quickly removed from Lily’s Soundcloud but another user quickly uploaded what he says is the original. (below)
One thing is for sure, Lily has reclaimed her place in the music industry. Not only that, she’s just revived the most niche music genre there is, songs of the world cup. She’s a true creative, lyrical master. Regardless of the World Cup, it’s guaranteed ‘Bass Like Home’ will be the soundtrack to many drunken nights, fights and scandals.

Written by Paddy Ellis

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