Katy B
Katy B burst on to the mainstream music scene in 2010 with her debut single Katy on a Mission which peaked at No.5 in the UK singles chart. Katy on a Mission introduced us to the singers unique sound – dub-step, dance floor vibes with her care free, party girl personality stamped all over it.
Katy B’s highly anticipated second album Little Red dropped on February 7th and reached No.1 in the UK album charts. Katy brought her sold out Little Red Tour to her home town London last night, where she blew the roof off Camden’s KOKO; “my home town, my favourite place to play”.
Kicking things off with club bangers Hot Like Fire and 5am from her current album, Katy gave nothing less than a high energy performance with her infectious party girl personality shining through. The young singer gave her all-female backing dancers a run for their money whilst effortlessly staying on top of her vocals. 
The next medley of songs paid homage to the 90’s garage and dance scene whilst showcasing Katy B’s very own unique sound. Taking things back to her first album On a Mission Katy’s vocals conveyed pure emotion on her heartbreak ballad/90’s-like track Broken Record, KOKO was thrown into a frenzy as Katy took on (and owned) Baby D’s, Let Me Be Your Fantasy. She then went straight into garage track Blue Eyes from her current album which she complimented with a cover of Kelly G’s garage mix of Never Gonna Let You Go, her impeccable vocals bringing back some truly missed, 90’s feel good music! 
Little Red offers up club bangers mixed in with emotional lyrics and some pop worthy hooks, sure to grow her fan base whilst pleasing the veteran fans. She announces Still is to be the next single, some may say a safe choice, or a clever one, taking into account the similarities to Crying For No Reason which has undoubtedly taken her career to the next level. Both songs were executed with elegance and emotion, if there’s one thing Katy B has got it’s a loveable voice that she’s fully in control of. 
There are many contenders for future singles on the album and Katy has no qualms singing them live, consistently giving a vibrant, soulful vocal performance. Playing some of her older hits such as Perfect Stranger and Aaliyah – which she rightly bought forward from her 2012 EP Danger  to Little Red, giving the underrated hits a new lease of life. The show came to an explosive end with a special version of Lights On from Katy on a Mission. Ms. Dynamite stormed the stage and the two mashed up Dynamites Dibby Dibby Sound, there wasn’t a single person in the room not jumping around, including the two on stage, yet Katy’s vocals remained faultless. 
This unique singer has taken inspiration from some of the greatest and carved herself her own path within the music industry, her journey is definitely one to watch and her live shows a must see! 

Written by Paddy Ellis

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