They Live! – Where I Wanna Go

They Live! - Where I Wanna Go

Where I Wanna Go is the brilliant new single from the talented THEY LIVE! A Hip-Hop / Punk – Rock band featuring UK hip-hop MC Shameless, and the members of his live hip-hop outfit The Paddyragga Band.

THEY LIVE! recently celebrated the release of their brilliant new single at Queen Of Hoxton, with live sets from TB, Band Of King, English, Tyson, Kal Sereousz and DJing on the night was Excalibah, Sam Zircon, DJ 2K and New Machine.

‘Where I Wanna Go’ is avaliable to download now on iTunes – Come on what are you waiting for? Click Here

Plus check out for a free download of the wicked hip hop remix of this track − you won’t be disappointed!

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