Ed Skrein – We Run Them feat. Graziella & Dubbledge | Produced by New Machine

Inspired by East London based running collective Run Dem Crew, Ed Skrein has created the perfect track to train to…


Check out Ed Skrein’s Brand New track ‘We Run Them’ ft Graziella & Dubbleage, Produced by AJ from the Talent Duo that is New Machine.

This track was created by Run Dem Crew member, actor and Rapper Ed Skrein, who made his name as an MC working with the Likes of Foreign Beggars, Plan B and Asian Dub foundation. Also venturing out into film Ed took one of the leading roles in Ben Drew’s ‘ill Manors’ following more acting in Kieron Hawkes thriller Piggy, and Nick Love’s remake of ‘The Sweeney’.

The video was shot at Run Dem Crew’s Shoreditch HQ, Nike 1948 and features members of the crew. The song and Video provide an insight into London’s urban sport collectives.


Download the FREE track Here

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